Our Story

Launched in 2023 by Dominic Albano.

After being discovered in New York City, Dominic has been modeling for over a decade, all over the world, and has been featured in magazines and campaigns, however his collaborations with world renowned photographers propelled him into social media stardom.

Having modeled predominantly for underwear brands, Dominic brings both his experience and own vision to his new underwear line.

The inspiration for Dominic's designs was to stay classic, focusing on traditional styles, neutral and subdued colors and prioritize simplicity, comfort and versatility.

Lyocell, Dominic's choice for fabric, handpicked for its softness, stretch and lightweightness was thoughtfully and purposefully made for all body types.

Despite wearing and modeling various brands, materials and designs, Dominic's own inspirations and influences have come from Queer culture and his bias in what makes men look and feel good.